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5 More Ways To Make More Money

I am the host of Flipping Genius podcast - THE podcast about buying and selling used cars for a substantial profit. Recognizing that people process information a variety of ways, I think it will be beneficial to some to provide the script to each episode in a written format. AND THAT is what follows Flippers! (What I call my listeners) If you prefer to listen the audio - or want to do both - you can find Flipping Genius wherever you listen to podcasts, or just click on this link to listen now on APPLE or here to listen on Spotify or here to listen on Anchor.

Today, I am going to share 5 More Genius Tips that will Make You Money!!

They have worked for me! They will work for you too!!

It is a beautiful day in the Flipping business. I’m feeling good today. I bought a vehicle this morning that should ultimately sell for about $3300 and I only had to pay a little over $600 for it. As long as my mechanic doesn’t find $2500 of surprises for me to pay for – I should be good on that one.

We keep getting great feedback and questions to our – so I decided today I would really spend some time completely focused on the number one goal of the podcast – MAKING OUR LISTENERS MONEY.

With that in mind – I am sort going to freestyle this episode a bit. Now you can probably tell that I am not a perfection freak when it comes to producing the Flipping Genius podcast, or our articles on Linked In or the videos on the Flipping Genius YouTube channel. I try to be prepared and get the info out to you that will help you make more money – but I usually do most of it in one take. After all I need to go make some money myself …and as those of you who have seen any of my Coaching Up series of videos know – there is golf to be played, right? However, I do typically write out a lot of my words in advance, so I will sound more prepared and not waste your time.

Today though I am going to do a little more winging it – a little more “shoot from the hip” type presentation – because today I am talking about the thing that I am best at in this business – and, I guess, that is pretty much the deal making, money making, money saving – ending up with a good profit at the end of the flip part of the business.

Today, I am going to share 5 more tip on how to MAKE MONEY as a Car Flipper. I think this episode will be a reasonably short one – unless I get carried away. This episode is being sponsored by two fantastic sponsors – Nick’s Ristorante – an absolutely fantastic place to enjoy a special evening here in North Alabama – AND our National Sponsor – Team Townley ITEX. My friend Gene Townley and his team help me in so many ways! For example – right before I started recording this I got a call for a new business opportunity in Arizona and California – all because of ITEX. I want to thank both of these sponsors. We will hear a little more about them both a little late – and in between I will do my best to make this worth your while…

Since I “free-styled” it this week, I am including only the outline I created for this episode. To hear all of the details I shared during the episode, please listen to the podcast in its entirety at one of the following links or email me at and I will send you audio files of this portion of the presentation.

1. The $45 Wal-Mart visit that earns you $700

a. Floor mats

b. Hub caps

c. Carpet cleaner

d. …the bonus – a free battery!

2. UGLY is OK. (I actually own the domain name!)

a. When you are buying - the stuff that stands out but can be fixed, painted, cleaned or covered up is stuff that you can make money on!

b. When you are selling – sometimes I will “sell one dirty”. This may sound a little crazy – but elaborate…

3. Buy them Broken

a. Call your mechanic and get an estimate and simply factor that into the purchase.

b. You turn lemons into GOLD by providing a receipt for the work that was just completed

c. This may eliminate most interested parties – just be sure that you are confident the diagmosis you are being given is accurate…horror stories

d. …talk to mechanics too. There are often deals to be had on broken cars…

4. Make Sales Calls – Walk and talk works both when buying and when selling

a. Bring along a car you have for sale and stop by places where buyers may be

i. Small employers who may have relationships with their employees and could be willing to buy the vehicle in order to keep the employee & keep them coming to work on time

ii. Bring flyers along to pass out and be sure they say “I Buy Cars” on them

b. Get relationships with small lenders – you can scratch each other’s backs.

5. You make your money when you buy it….I know, I keep saying this but SERIOUSLY – you do

a. So be sure to stick to your guns at the auction

b. Don’t take “it’s sold” to necessarily mean it is sold. Ask if the buyer has already paid and picked up the vehicle. Even follow up a day or two later if they say they are certain the buyer is coming – hell they may need to buy a car too – and you sell those, right?

c. Always let people know you are dealing in cash and can even help make certain all of the paperwork – bill of sale, title, etc is handled properly. This is your business. Knowing this can put people at ease.

d. Tell the truth. Show people where you came up with the price you are offering and explain that you are here to make a profit. I find a lot of the time this helps me get a better price.

e. THEN save on everything you can in the process of the flip. Parts, Supplies, Tools – if there is a way to save money and get the same benefit and same finished product and same end price – then YOU ARE MAKING MONEY when you are spending it.

With this in mind – go to the Resources page at our web site It is loaded with information that will save you time and make you money. Remember – you make your money when you buy – and that is in more ways than one – so, by negotiating savings for our listeners and team mates on everything from car parts to tools to auction fees – we are fulfilling that NUMBER ONE GOAL of our podcast HELP OUR LISTENERS MAKE MORE MONEY!

Flippers, if you have something to add to this and would like to share it with the Flipping Genius podcast, please send me an email at – or go to and send a message to us there – or you can even record a voice message there that we could use on an upcoming episode of Flipping Genius!

Also, if you have questions you’d like answers or ideas you’d like us to address on future episodes – please email me at too. I try to answer every email I get personally and will continue to do so no matter how big our group gets!

SO, please Save us as a favorite. Subscribe wherever you listen, so you will never miss an episode. Please tell your friends and share Flipping Genius on Social Media! The bigger our audience gets, the more influence we will have to negotiate deals for all of us!

If you have not joined your local Flipping Genius Used Car Facebook Groupsearch Flipping Genius in Facebook Groups and find the one closest to you. We are opening more each month to help you buy and sell vehicles for a profit. If you would like to be involved in managing one of our groups, simply send an email to me at and tell me what city you are interested in. We are currently have groups in Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, Omaha, Orlando, Pensacola, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Toledo. If we aren’t in your area yet – let me know and we will add it to our growth plan and let you know when we have it on line.

· Thanks again for listening.

· A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors: Nick’s Ristorante and Team Townley ITEX.

AND THANK YOU to all of you who support our podcast financially as team members.

Every single dollar is greatly appreciated.

Let’s work together… Let’s make some money… Let’s all become Flipping Geniuses!

5 More Ways to Make More Money Flipping Cars

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