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Show Notes for Episode #39 (10.14.20) 

Partnership Considerations - Should I partner with other flippers or go on my own?

Conversations with 3 key Flipping Professionals:  Eric Wise, Garry Hargrove and Lisa Welch discuss the benefits and detriment of partnerships with Randy Lee.  Randy shares some of his own extensive experiences - a reality check  - AND a great original song at the end!

Show Notes for Episodes 1-32, 37 and 38 coming soon

Sorry, I probably play too much golf - but I am working on this.  If there is something in particular you are looking for please email us at flippingquestions@gmail.comThank you for supporting the podcast.

Show Notes for Episode #36 (9.23.20) 

Predicting the Future of Used Car Prices

AND The Champions of the NFL & NCAA Football for this year!

Show Notes for Episode #35 (9.16.20) 

A 256% ROI, some Good Old Boys from Maine,

a wealthy Texan & a dead Italian = the future?

Show Notes for Episode #34 (9.9.20) 

Don't Allow Excuses to be  Roadblocks.

YOU CAN Write Your Future Today!

Show Notes for Episode #33 (9.2.20) 

Questions, Answers, Information and a Surprise Ending

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