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AND THEN, Just When I Began Thinking I Was “All That” …

I woke up early - like usual - and got up - like usual - and started my list. I am pretty great about doing all the stuff on my early morning list. That includes pray, make the coffee, start a fire in the wood stove (if it is less than 40 degrees outside), brush our 100* year old (*in cat years) cat Bagheera about twenty brushes and flatten out the nasty blanket he lays on all day, review my accomplishments from the day before and enter them into my daily goal tracking book, pour a cup of coffee for myself and settle in front of the computer to either write - or on Wednesday mornings, do an early morning (5:30 AM Central) bible study via online video with some friends from across the USA.

When our meeting started, I was feeling pretty good about myself - like usual. AND THEN, our friend Buzz from Michigan shared with all of us on the line that ‘humans - in general - are God’s most imperfect creation.’ Now Buzz is also a big-ugly-former-football coach, like me - and when Buzz states his opinions, like me, he states them as facts - with authority - so you instantly give them credibility.

Next Buzz elaborated that you could simply look to the squirrels in your yard or birds in your tree and compare them to the foolish humans you would see throughout your day. Buzz encouraged us to watch those squirrels going about their squirrel business, without even one thought of being something other than a squirrel. They are satisfied and happy in who they are, where they are from and trust in the world they are born into and unworried about the futures in front of them. Likewise, the birds - no matter the beauty or drabness of their plumage - hop about from limb to limb and fly to wherever they need to fly, without wondering even in the least what would happen if they had been hatched into a higher, larger nest - or what it would be like to have antlers, or - well, you get the point. (And Buzz was much less verbose than me in his explanation - which will serve as another example of Buzz’s point, when I eventually get around to summarizing it in my words…)

Because humans can walk on our two legs, converse in meaningful language and make decisions that will (we think) direct our future and effect our world; we believe we are God’s greatest creation. However, if you really think about it and watch the beauty and perfection of all of the creations that surround us, it is easy to come to a different conclusion. In reality humans are the most imperfect, self-absorbed, self-depreciating, self-aggrandizing and self-destructive beasts on our planet.

…and that was where our friend Buzz left me thinking as we wrapped up our meeting with a prayer, jovial good wishes to our brothers on the line and a few goodbyes before we all clicked our respective CLOSE buttons and went on with the business of being the most important one of God’s creations in the vicinity of our current locations (assuming our beautiful wives were still asleep and/or not nearby).

Well, like I am prone to do as a human, I kept mulling Buzz’s input around in the back of my brain. One thing I thought was… “I bet squirrels don’t even have back-brain-space for mulling stuff around while they are doing other stuff like finding nuts, or updating websites.” Another thing I thought, as I passed by a mirror, was… “damn boy, you are one-more-good-looking-cat.” (I often refer to myself - and others - as “cat” - with no relation to Bagheera or his ilk intended) But somewhere among all these back-brain, side-brain and lower-brain extra thoughts, I remembered that God created Man in his image.

Now, that, really has me thinking!

Randy Lee is the host of the Flipping Genius podcast. He is also an entrepreneur and writer. Mr. Lee is a great American who resides in the great state of Alabama. Randy's diverse business career uniquely qualifies him to speak with authority on nearly any subject with virtually no preparation or research. Randy invites your praise, compliments, suggestions & questions at To learn more about a wide variety of things, visit

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