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Park Your Car To Sell

1085 Nick Davis Rd, Harvest, AL  35749

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  • $49 per vehicle for 3 weeks

  • NO Additional Fee at sale

  • Advance Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card is required.

  • Multiple vehicle discounts available

  • Seller is responsible for all communication with buyers.

  • Seller must clearly identify vehicle with window display to include: Year, Make, Model, Miles, Asking Price and working Phone #.

  • Individual Sellers only.

  • No Open Titles allowed.

  • Ownership must be verified.

  • Seller retains all liability for damage and loss. Parking a seller's risk. 

  • Only vehicles that will fit within the area of a normal parking space are allowed.  No RVs. Only Wheeled vehicles. No Trailers. No Boats

  • Proprietor reserves the right to refuse parking to anyone at the proprietor's discretion.

  • Meet with buyers on your terms at our place.
  • Benefit from our traffic and visibility.
  • Improve Promotion with our on-line group.
  • Simplify selling using our templates & forms. is a division of Middle Man Enterprises. Site updated 2020 

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